Most Common Pool Care Mistakes You Need to Avoid

It’s such a lucky thing to own an exclusive swimming pool at home. With the artificial oasis, you can escape from the hustle and bustle. Stretching out on the cushioned inflatable raft and sipping a glass of cold tropical sangria when the sun is beating down feel like heaven. For sure, you can create your own pleasure by the pool.

Apart from being the fortunate ones, you need to grasp that having fun with the pool should be in line with regular maintenance.

It basically doesn’t require specific treatment and high expense to keep the dipping spot uncontaminated and elegant-looking and the cleanup is not something complicated. Thus, take this seriously, or you will find it crowded by mosquitoes and other unforeseen creatures.

Instead of hiring a professional from the prominent cleaning company, looking after the pool with your own hands would be great to save some money. Contrariwise, it’s somewhat risky if you come with no proper approaches. Some tend to grumble as they are unable to target a person to blame for when the pool stays filthy.

There is obviously no point to fault someone for no reason. The issues floating to the surface could be from you. Don’t you realize that you’ve made pool care mistakes? If you still have no idea on them; read on these following factors why the errors are ineluctable.

1. Letting Many People Occupy Your Pool Too Often

People at the pool
People at the pool / fairfaxfamilyfun.com

Yes, it’s everybody’s right to exploit their pool, be it for personal purpose or the commercial one. However, you have to remember that when it’s overloaded, the chemical balance will run into a disturbance.

What does it signify? Once you ignore this matter, the pool water will be invaded by algae. And there is no other solution to solve this besides adding the chlorine – this type of chemical producing chloramines notoriously has a bad impact on your pool.

2. Shocking the Pool at Daylight

Shocking or the process of getting rid of chlorine regularly from your swimming pool is requisite to prevent the contamination. So, what’s wrong with that?

No, there is nothing to deal with the care; the only matter is the timing. Shocking the pool during the day is likely to prove futile due to the sun exposure. Hence, do it at night.

3. Allowing Your Pet Animals to Play in the Pool

Avoid taking to pet to the pool
Avoid taking to pet to the pool

Having a good time with your cute bulldog in the pool is amazing. But, their fur creating excessive dirt and debris can be a problem, mainly when the bristles clog the cleaning pipe.

After finishing playing with the canine, be sure to rinse the filter and skimmer basket as soon as possible for better prevention and minimizing the pool care mistakes.

4. Using the Algaecide Wrongly

The effectiveness of algaecide to put a stop to the growth of algae spores might be true for most people. Yet apart from this, it really is important to balance the usage of the product.

When using it too much, you will find your pool in a condition where the chlorine levels in the water dwindle. And intensifying the number of chlorine chemicals into your pool to tackle down that will surely add a new problem.

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5. Not Turning on Your Pump

The primary task of a swimming pool pump is to keep your water hygienic and fix any cleaning problem via filtration system. To optimize its job, you are encouraged to run this handy device for around 7 to 8 hours every day.

Sadly, this one is not applicable to those who love saving the electricity by bringing down the pump usage.

6. Not Brushing the Swimming Site

Some might think that vacuuming the swimming pool is pretty effective to keep the debris away, but believe us, it is very lacking.

After having the pool vacuumed, apply the brush and brush all the areas even the hardest ones including corners, stairs, spots behind ladders, and water line.

Do this activity regularly to cast the algae out of your life.

7. Overlooking the Pool’s pH Level

pH level is another thing mostly ignored by pool owners. Make sure your pool pH level is always balanced.

Does it really affect that bad to the pool? Yes definitely; the more acidic the water (less than 7.0), the risk for other equipment like an automatic cleaner, solar blanket, and pool pump and filter, to get a lot of damage is getting bigger.

If the pH level of pool environment reaches beyond 8.0, the chlorine will be ineffective. Just be sure to keep the scale around 7.5.

8. Ignoring the Water Level

Water level
Water level / leidenfrost.at

Maintaining the level of your pool water should be in your consideration. The end result of overfilling is nothing but terrifying.

Not only is your patio soaked but the possibility for dirt and organic garbage to get back in the pool is also alarming. On the other hand, the lower level will result in severe problems threatening the pump and skimmer.

In conclusion, doing the regular clean-up is unquestionably not enough; think other factors regarding pool care mistakes often done by most people.

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