How to Find and Fix a Leak in Your Pool: Fail Free Method

Having private swimming pool at home is a thing. During summer, you can relax nearby or in the pool without being disturbed by strangers. Unfortunately, it is not that easy and simple to have a swimming pool at home. The fact that many problems may occur, leak becomes one that makes you overwhelmed. Once it happens, you have to know how to find and fix a leak in your pool.

Leaks possibly occur anywhere in your pool. It usually needs extra time to detect the leak, however, it does not mean impossible. How to find and fix a leak in your pool should be done properly to get the best result.

Before searching the leak, begin with checking your filter system area. This includes a filter, heater, pump, and chlorinator. For inground pool, the leak may be caused by cracked pipe underground.

How to Find and Fix a Leak in Your Pool with the Bucket Method

Leak pool test using a bucket
Leak pool test using a bucket / lakeshorepoolsandtubs.com

Before beginning the searching process, it is necessary to determine whether or not the water runs out because of leak instead of evaporation. To make sure the leak, you have to conduct bucket method test. It helps you determine whether the pool leaks or the water level just decrease due to evaporation. Follow these steps to do the bucket method:

Get and fill a bucket

To begin the first method of how to find and fix a leak in your pool, you need to find a 5-gallon bucket and place in the water. The perfect location to place the bucket is on the second step of pool steps. Fill with water until it matches the water level of the pool. Use duct tape of marker and put inside the bucket to mark the level.

Turn off pump

After placing the bucket, you can move to the second step. Turn off any pump in your pool, whether it is recirculating pump or auto-refill device. The purpose is to find out how much the water level decrease. This is necessary before jumping to the steps of how to find and fix a leak in your pool.


Wait for 24 hours to see whether the water goes because of leak or evaporation. After 24 hours, you can compare the water level in the pool to the basket. If you see a slight decrease, it means the pool loses water because of evaporation. However, if the pool shows lower level compared to the basket, it means you have a leak in the pool so that you need to know how to find and fix a leak in your pool.

Locating a Leak in Your Pool

A man in a diving suit trying to find leak in the pool
A man in a diving suit trying to find leak in the pool / cibor.be

After determining that your pool gets a leak, this is the time to find out how to find and fix a leak in your pool. First of all, you have to find the location right away. It is actually not that easy to do it by yourself. However, there is always a way to fix the problem without calling the professional in the first place. The so-called Ink Method helps you find the leak location. Follow these steps:

Drain the pool

Whether you want to drain it manually or with pump, you have to drain the pool. Actually, it is easier to let the pool drain by itself because it helps you locate the leak. If the position is at the bottom, the pool will drain.

However, if the leak comes from the wall, you can let it drain and wait until the water stops draining. When it stops, you can find the location along the wall where the pool stops draining.

Check for wetness

The next step of how to find and fix a leak in your pool is to determine the area. If you already know the estimated location, check for the wetness. The leaking area will always be wet. Randomly observe the surface on suspected location.

After finding the wall that you think the leak occurs, you can use dye or tint to make sure the leak.

Pinpoint the leak

Move as smooth as you can so that you will not disturb the water. Squirt dye or ink near the suspected location. You will see the ink or dye move towards the leak in a slow current. This is the reason why you should not move to fast because your movement will disturb the water current.

After finding the precise location, this is the time to fix it.

How to Fix a Leak in Your Pool

Inground pool is usually made of various materials, ranging from concrete, fiberglass, plaster or others. It is recommended to call the professionals or company that make the swimming pool at your home.

However, if you insist to do it by yourself, you have to follow the professional guide for the best result. Fixing leak actually depends on the location and its material. If the leak is small you can try using leak sealer product such as Fix a Leak.

Skimmer leaks

How to find and fix a leak in your pool can be done with skimmer method. This leak commonly occurs in a concrete pool. The leak location is between the concrete pool and plastic skimmer. This kind of leak is considered easy to fix with pool putty.

Light Leaks

The fact that conduit pipe often comes apart or separate from the niche, it may cause the leak to your pool. How to find and fix a leak in your pool with this case, you have to be more patient. Leaks caused by this problem is rather difficult to fix.

You have to patch the conduit connection to fix the leak. Some choices that you can use to get rid of this leak is by using epoxy with silicone, putty, and caulk.

Liner leaks

This is considered as the easier way to fix leak problem. Not surprised if the liner is mostly chosen when it comes to how to find and fix a leak in your pool. You only need to patch the leak area with vinyl liner patch. If you have to do it underwater, you can use wet patch kit.

Once you use a vinyl liner, it is not recommended to drain the pool entirely. Exposure to air may cause the liner brittle.

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